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Welcome to Morning Star's
Award Program


Don't Close Your Award Program!



Morning Star's Award Program is a stand alone award program built on the bases of the belief that the World Wide Web should be a place for all to surf safely for people of all ages and creeds. It is a place that our children should be able to explore without fear, and as parents, be able to have peace of mind for our children in the same. Therefore, I will run this award program with this in mind.

This award program was built with the intentions of making the Internet a better place for all. As I realize that we all come from different walks of life and view things in many different ways. This is part of what makes us human beings different in our own way as individuals. And in those differences, I strive for excellence and look for the same when evaluating any website for my award.

This Award Program is dedicated to being consistent in evaluations by following the guidelines & criteria within this Award Program. Morning Star's Award Program welcomes all website owners to apply, but strictly encourages and demands that all aspects pertaining to this award program be read BEFORE applying.

I invite you, the visitor and potential award winner, to explore my award program website, as I also attempt to teach some basics of HTML and give good sound advice on a few issues of concern. This is more than just a stand alone award program that offers everyone a little something to learn.

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I have built, designed and maintain this award program to help others become the best possible webmasters that they can be. I do my evaluations with integrity and honor to help better the quality of the Internet Community as a whole, and to give recognition where due for those who strive for excellence. To receive my award is a high honor, as it is not easy to achieve.

There are many reasons I give my award to other webmasters. But the most important one of all is to encourage those who create websites to do it cleanly and with taste. I believe that the WWW should be a safe place for all, and by offering an award by application, I give those creative minds a chance to be recognized for their efforts. I am in hopes that my award program does just that, encourages people to do their best and be the best that they can be.

I encourage you to have fun with your creativity and website building. And I take it seriously when it does reach this goal. Websites in my opinion, are to be something enjoyable, something that says something about the people creating them. When this is present and all the work that goes into building a website shows, I want to award them for their efforts. In the same regards, I do the same for commercial and non-profit sites.


My mission is to grant an award to those who have gone to extra lengths to create the best websites possible. I don't do it for gratitude...I don't do it for personal gain. I do enjoy seeing all the different sites and peoples creativity. It is my mission and passion to make the WWW a safer and nicer place for all. In that mission, I will evaluate website for the greater good of my fellow human beings, while giving help to those who ask. Though I must insist that all fill out my application and be patient with me at they await my reply, I am committed to excellence and the fairness of giving everyone a change.

I this sense, I run this award program on fairness and honesty, integrity and merit. You can rest assured, that if you receive my award, it is certainly well deserved. Therefore, I keep my standards as high as possible for my award program, and hope that all use their websites as a means to promote good well and good taste. For it is higher honor for to give than it is to receive.

Please, if you are applying for my award, PLEASE READ ALL THE INFORMATION & CRITERIA. If you do not, you risk being disqualified.


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