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Established on: 3/6/04

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I'm sorry, but due to my health, I'm NO LONGER taking applications for the affiliation. This includes any updates and the like. I have left this website up and running to hopefully help others in the quest to seek awards.


ATC is for Everyone

What makes ATC for everyone is the fact that Webmasters/Webmistresses may go to any give website listed with us to see how someone else constructed their website. We're not just about the award giver and seeker, we're about a whole more.

Web surfers can also benefit from ATC because we offer them a way to visit websites that are family safe through our 'Safe Site' Program, which we list websites whether they are awards programs or just someone wishing to advertise their website with us with a text link.

For the award seeker, we offer listings of awards programs where they may visit to read the programs criteria and other information, then apply if they so choose.

ATC is a free awards listing service that will assist award seekers to find award programs and to help award programs be found. ATC also provides ratings for award programs in order to provide for award seekers some idea of an award programs status within the wider awards community.

The aim of ATC is to provide a quality service where family safe personal, commercial and non-profit websites are available for all.

For the award giver, we offer a rated listing of their awards program so that the award seeker may know how well your program is put together. We list your awards program in a popup window, where the award seeker may read a description of your program and view your highest award offered, with a screen shot of the home page for our highest rated programs. Also, on these pages, you receive both a text and image link directly to your awards program. We also offer the award giver an 'Ethic Program' which they may join and a way to become a certified evaluator through our 'ATC Evaluator Program'.

We are also supportive of the many other services provided within the awards community by providing a quality resources page for our viewers. On this page, you will find a list of websites that can help you with HTML and other topics that might be of interest to you. We highly recommend viewing this page for information you might be seeking.


Our Mission
bullet Provide a safe environment for all visitors.
bullet Maintain exceptional standards.
bullet Provide top quality services advancing all websites listed with ATC.
bullet Be respectful to all.
bullet Review/evaluate award programs without bias.
bullet Give assistance freely to all who seek it to help you accomplish your goals.
bullet Support all within the awards community who strive for and achieve excellence.


What We do not Do

We do not provide evaluations for personal, commercial or non-profit websites without an awards program being ran from it, as we are seeking to list awards programs specifically. We wish to provide recognition for their efforts and work, and we invite all awards programs providers to join us. If you wish to list you personal, commercial or non-profit website with us, then please visit our 'Safe Site' section.



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