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We are of mixed cultures and beliefs, and we have much in common as a couple with just about everything.  We both love nature.  We both believe in helping others.  We are a rare bleed that come from a long line of the human race.  But most of all, we are about love, understand and compassion.

We hold the Blackfoot Culture scared and believe in learning all that we can about it.  We stand firm on the belief that the Earth is our Mother, and that our Creator has only loaned us our Mother the Earth as a means of love and respect.

We enjoy many things that most other people do, and we have the one thing that nobody can take from us.  Each other.  We are very much in love, and live together as our Creator has intended us to live.  Time together is important to us and we spend as much time as we can just talking and doing things that both can enjoy.

We are in all respect each others winds song, and show it every aspect of our lives together as a couple.  We married in 1985 with no respect to what others thought or felt about our love for each other.  And as time passed, other people began to see that our love is one in a million.

Our lives together is simple and plan, but the excitement we hold in each other is rare and unique.  In our eyes and hearts, there is no other who could replace what we share together.  We are whole in each others arms beyond belief, and we treasurer what most people take for granted.  We are not perfect, but we do see our lives as one that is good and honest.

What we have in life is shared together, and we are seldom seen apart from the other.  Every aspect of our lives has something to do with each other in some respect, and everything is shared as much as possible.  Sure, we have things we like or enjoy separate from each other.  But most things are done as a couple.

We share our home with two dogs and cats, whom we treasure highly.  They are to some respect, our children.  We spend much time with them and am always giving them our attention and love.  Even though they are only animals, we show them respect as to privacy and time away from us to play or relax.

In general, we are just people doing what we feel and believe to be right.

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Our Heritage

Our Heritage is one of pride and honor, and it is still very much alive and thriving.  The Blackfoot Reservation is near Browning, Montana and we are not even close to it.  For we live near Caro, Michigan.  Though we are hundreds of miles from our People, we believe in their ways and traditions.  

We do not claim to know everything about our Peoples, for we still have much to learn and we have much growing to do while learning.  But we do claim to be working at learning all that we can about our Peoples.

The Blackfoot Heritage is actually a part of Young Blood and I, as his wife, have adopted it into my own life.  The History of the Blackfoot is one that I admire and respect.  It's something that one as white has to learn to appreciate and love, but I have managed to do just that.  I have no clue to what they went through as a People, but I do know and understand that the whites were and are unfair to People different from themselves and can sympathize with the Blackfoot People as a whole.

Does this make me an Indian lover?  Yes, if that is the way you choose to look at it.  But I do not look at it in this way, for it is a part of my husband; which makes it a part of me until I choose differently.  And that is not likely to happen.  For as I learn the ways of the Blackfoot Peoples, I find my heart changing and growing.  The change is good that I see in myself, for the Blackfoot Culture has taught me not to hate, but rather love what is different.  The growth in me is good, for the growth is that of knowledge in different ways than what I was taught as a child.

The Blackfoot Culture is, therefore, in all reality, just as much mine as my husbands.  When I stop to think about the way I thought before meeting my husband, it saddens my heart.  For the thought of being near a person with Indian in them or full blood Indian scared me to death.  I thought that our stories were correct about scalping and whatever else.  I soon learned that it was all lies.

Today, I look to the Indian Culture as a way of life...and a good life, not just something to study and learn.  My husband and I are Blackfoot in heart, soul and mind.  We are of a Heritage that means honor and respect, and we are proud of this Heritage in every way.

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What We've Learned Together

It's amazing what two people can learn if they just put their minds to learning.  For us, as a couple, we've learned that nothing is impossible if you really want it bad enough and are willing to go after it.  Learning things together has been a real experience for us to the extent that it only causes us to what to learn more.  Young Blood has learned some new information that his family did not teach him as a child about his Indian Heritage, and I started from scratch as though I were just a child.  We've collected all sorts of information and stories that we never dreamed we'd find.  In the process, there were things that confused both of us at first.  Meanly because neither one of us had a clue what it all meant to us as a couple, but as time went on, we found ourselves involved in the information that we were getting.

We've learned that the Blackfoot Peoples were and still are a peaceful people, willing to help others at every corner.  Conflicts were rare amount the Blackfoot, as with most other tribes, and that it was the whites who started the wars that were between themselves and the Indian Nations.  Before the whites came to this country, the Indian Nations usually settled conflicts by talking things out and making agreements without ever shading a drop of blood.  When they did go to war with each other, it was usually short lived.

Although the Blackfoot are known to the whites as hot heads, it's simply not true.  They are and always have been, a calm and siren people who would rather get along with others as fight with them.  When we found this out, it was a hole new ball game to us and we investigated farther to find out more.  What we found was amazing!  Although, we must admit that it wasn't surprising to us at all.  But when people speak of the Indian Nations, they usually sound as if their ready to run at any moment.  People have had the wrong ideas for years, and when we learned that people react this way, we couldn't help but wonder why.

Then, thinking back to our schooling as a child, it wasn't all that hard to figure out.  In our public schools as children, we were taught that the Indian Peoples themselves were nasty to say the least.  They scalped white folks for the fun of it, they killed just to watch white folks die and tons of other things that just simply isn't true.  If a person really stops to examine the facts, think back to their school days and take a good hard look; the Indian Peoples were the ones who helped the whites survive in this harsh land to begin with.  They not only helped the whites survive, but welcomed them with open arms, greeting them with warmth and love.  In return, the whites got greedy and wanted everything they sew or didn't see for that matter.  So in reality, the Indian Peoples didn't start the conflicts and wars, they were forced to defend themselves by people who believe that land is owned rather than barrowed.

In the Indian Peoples true beliefs, the land that is here is given by the Creator to sub sane their lives and kept it as it was before their got there.  It is their Mother, hence the calling it "Mother Earth".  Mother Earth was to be respected as something sacred and beautiful, not as something owned.  It was and is something of a loan and taken care of as though it were owned.  We cannot stress it enough that the land we claim as ours by ownership today will always be here after we're gone.  So the fact is, we really don't own a's all barrowed to be used with respect.  In an Indians eyes, it is the whites who disrespect Our Mother the Earth by trying to own what isn't ours to claim.  The earth belongs to our Creator and only Him, but we're allowed to use her resources to live and prosper.

In all respects, the Blackfoot Culture is a beautiful thing all in itself.  They never sew anything as ugly or stupid.  They didn't believe in abusing anything whether it was a living breathing animal or a plant that grew out of Mother Earth.  Such behavior simply wasn't acceptable no matter what the reason.  They showed respect by thanking the animal or plant for giving up its life so that they may live.  Special ceremonies were held at certain times of the year to honor different things.  And no matter what they took for food, nothing from that object was ever wasted.  Everything was used including the hides of animals for clothing or shelter.  The bones were used to make tools and decoration.  And the meat was pressured for winter months for food.  The roots of plants were often used as medicine and the tops as seasonings or food.  Even many of the roots were considered seasonings and/or food.  It all depended on what they were being use for and why.

Women are especially sacred to the men, as they are able to do what a man cannot, give birth to children.  Children are not spanked, as there are other ways to get a child to behave and know what is right or wrong.  The Indian Peoples believe that a child is sacred for the simply fact that they are their future.  Children are taught from newborn to adulthood that every person is to have respect and be listened to if they're to learn the things necessary for survival all through their lives.  Both men and women work together to teach the children, and everyone in the village helps in the raising of the children.  Each child is allowed to experiment with different things, and learn to some degree what works best for them.  And, they are encouraged to ask questions for what they do not understand.

What we learned most of all together, is just how important it is to keep the Blackfoot Culture alive within our hearts and minds.  For Young Blood, it has always been an important part of his life.  But for me, it is something I continue to learn.  You see, I'm not Indian by all rights.  I'm white and not proud of it.  Though I have adopted the Blackfoot Culture as my own, I have so much to learn and experience with it.  Both Young Blood and myself do our best to live by the ways of his Peoples and their beliefs.  And, we will continue to do so for as long as we shall live.  We are a couple living in two worlds as some might put it.  We live by two governing laws, the white mans law and the Indian law.  It isn't an easy way to live, but yet, it works in our lives and the way we prefer to do things as a couple.

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