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I'm just learning my husband's Native American background as far as I'm concerned, but in so many ways, it makes more sense than my own culture.  As with all the Native American Cultures, it teaches valuable lessons and has a unique way of looking at life in general.  And I like their way of looking at things.

I'm finding that I can still hold my values and beliefs as I always did, but now I apply them in a whole different way.  I'm reading about things from both sides of the fence, and it's amazing just how ignorant one can be when it comes to other cultures and their beliefs.  I was one of these people, and I'm not proud of it at all.  Once I opened my mind and heart to learning, checked out both sides of the story and then weighted out the differences; it's amazing what I found.

Put everything together and finding the pieces to many puzzles, I discovered that my heart was changing and my thoughts along with it.  After six years of serious study and work at finding the truth, my whole out look on life in general has changed.  But not to the extent that one might think.

I still belief in God, but I prefer to call him the Great Spirit, Creator and even the Great Holy Being.  In our Bibles, it tells us that it doesn't matter how we believe, so long as we do believe.  You see, it's all a matter of how one interprets the Bible and what it's telling you as an individual.  Therefore, I still belief in Him...not a false god or idle, but Him.  So I don't feel that I'm wrong in my beliefs as I now know and love.  It's a matter of personal preference.  I just prefer the Native American way that I've been learning for many years.

Remember, I said six years of serious study and work.  Actually, this has been going on since the day I met my husband.  And that's been 22 years of learning and knowing something inside was changing.  It's not that it came in so many years, or even the fact that it came at all.  It's the fact that truth leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to understanding.  But with me, it leads me to want to learn all that I can.

I've heard people say that Indian people didn't believe in God and that their ways were too different from our own.  Well, I'm here to tell you that this simply isn't true.  What's different is the way in which they believe, and the ways they practice that belief.

When I read a book on the Blackfoot, written by a Blackfoot, I found myself reading it over and over again.  And when I'd read, I couldn't put the book down once I started reading.  I even did a book report in html format and put it up on this Native American site we have.  Then I sent that report to a very dear friend, who encouraged me to do a better closing statement about what I learned and how it made me feel.  What this did, was force me to think about what I had read and find the new changes in my heart and mind.  And what a change it is for me.  It changed the way I think and feel to the point that I can't deny.  And I still have the book, and, I plan on reading it again soon.

To really understand what I'm talking about you'd have to read my report and the closing statement.  But what I learned in that book can never be taken away, nor will I ever forget it.  I still consider myself a Christian, I still read my Bible and I still pray to the Creator.  But now I believe and read with more understanding.  How can I say this?  Simple!  I am who I am and nothing can change that, but I've learned to look at all the meanings in life as I know it.  I'm not an expert...I'm not a know it all...and I'm not an Indian by rights.  But I am a human being, which makes the Indian people my relatives.  Not just because I married my husband, not because I'm learning their way of life and not because of anything for that matter.  It's because we share the same Mother Earth and all the beauty the Creator put here for us.

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Morning Star's Indian Name

This is the story of how I got my Indian Name.  It is the original story as to what I thought it meant when my wind song and I first met.

I was 25 years of age, scared of my own shadow and losing everything I had; including my self respect.  Nobody seemed to care except my folks, who have since passed on, and I was losing all hope of ever finding a life's mate.  Then, on August 13, 1981 he found me, or so it seemed.

After just a few weeks, I found myself moving into his home, caring for his elderly Mother who needed someone as badly as I did, as well as falling deeply in love.  Yet, I wouldn't and couldn't admit it.  To many things from my past and I was unwilling to let myself love or be loved.  I kept pushing him away, yet, he just wouldn't give up.

As summer gave way to fall, the words "I love you too" slipped from my lips before I could think twice.  Suddenly, I realized as he had when we first meant, "we are soul mates, and meant to be together".

Picture of Morning Star

The next morning, before the morning star had risen, he lay there beside me watching me sleep.  He lay watching as I slept in peace for the first time in months, and thinking of what I meant to him; of how he felt about me.  And as the morning star rose up over the tree tops, a ray of its light gently touched my face.  Yet he let me sleep my peaceful sleep, watching with such love in his heart.

Soon I began to awake, only to catch him watching me yet.  And as I asked how long he'd been watching me sleep, his only reply was, "Good morning my beautiful Morning Star."

For days or weeks after that morning, I can't remember which, he called me Morning Star, as if it were my given name at birth.  I finely asked him why, and so he told me.  "The morning you caught me watching you sleep, and I said good morning my beautiful Morning Star.  Well, this became your Indian Name as I spoke it." All I could think was, "how romantic."

Young Blood and I have been together now some 22 years, it feels like only yesterday that we meant, fell in love and married some 9 months later.  I've never been sorry and I'd go through all of what I've been through if I could end up in his arms again.  I've never had a day since I meant my husband when I wished for a better husband or love of my life.  We've had many good years together, and I pray that we have many more.

Morning Star's Spirit Guide
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