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Unlike Morning Star, I was raised to do things a little differently and believe a little differently.  My father taught me as much as he could and as much as he knew to teach me.  I'm not an expert of my Indian Heritage and I don't claim to be.  But I do know some of the ways and beliefs.  I too have learned things through my wife learning, and this is a good thing.

I believe in my Native background and in the ways of my people.  I believe in teaching the truth, and upholding those beliefs.  And I believe in knowledge to bring understanding.  For where there is knowledge, there is understanding.

All through my childhood, I was taught to love and respect nature, to do as one who respects Mother Earth and what she has on her.  This includes the animals, plants and people.  It includes all the comes on or in Mother Earth.  She is our keeper that the Creator gives to us so that we have what we need.

Therefore, it is my belief that the Creator provides for us through our Mother the Earth.  When I pray, I pray my Creator allows me to always remember my roots and where I came from.  I pray for understanding and knowledge so that I can do what is right by all of nature.

In today's world, it's not always easy to keep my Native American Heritage alive in my heart.  But by my wife striving to learn the culture, it gives me hope.  Hope that the culture will not die, or be forgotten.  And now I know that it will always survive no matter what happens.

I might not be able to claim my heritage legally, but I know where I came from and who I am.  I know that I have a heritage that will always be a part of me.  It doesn't matter that I cannot prove it, or that the records of such were destroyed many years ago by my Aunt.  So long as I know in my heart that I am Blackfoot Indian, this is more important.  True, I am only part Indian, but it's still a part of me.

I believe in my religious ways as an American Blackfoot Indian, and I do my best to help others, like my wife, who are willing to listen and learn.  I believe in the Creator, and all that He has put here on Mother Earth for us.  I believe in all that is and all that will be.  I cannot predict the future, but I can try to see with an open mind and heart to the truth.

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I want to think my wife for her beautiful work in designing the images for our pages, and for typing each word as I spoke them.  I'm legally blind, and cannot do these things for myself.  I see the colors and the images providing she blows them up large enough for me to see.  From what I do see of the images on the pages of this web site, she has done a wonderful job.

Young Blood's Indian Name

Young Blood's Indian Name means warrior, and symbolizes straight and great power.

He got his name as a child from taking on anything and everything without regards to what the consequences could be afterward...or why he was doing it.  My dear husband had the habit of getting upset to the point that it didn't matter what it was or who it was, he was going to fight and win.  And usually did just that without any trouble.

Today, he's not so much for fighting as telling it like it is, yet, to him...he still considers it a fight to some degree.  He believes that anytime you must stand up for yourself, or depend yourself, in any way, shape or form; that there is a fight going on whatever you feel you must stand up for.  It's not so much a fight, as it is just plan believing in what you stand for and why.

To his Grandfather, he was known as Little Tornado.  But the reasons behind the name are still pretty much the same.  Only with a couple of differences in his Grandfathers idea of names.  From what I understand, his Grandfather believed that a tornado had more straight in it, then any single thing on earth.  And if my husband was determined enough, nothing stopped him from accomplishing his goal.

With either Indian name, my husband usually lives up to both.  As a rule, he's a peace loving man.  But back him into a corner, or just plan push an issue to far, and he'll give you what for and then some.  So most people who know him well enough try to avoid this type of situation with him.

Picture of Young Blood

From what I've been told, as a child, he took on a dog twice his size and four times his weight.  All because the dog bite him just for wanting to love him up a little.  My husband claims that as the dog bite him, all he could think was do something about it or the dog would continue to think it could get away with this behavior.  So he reached down the dogs throat and wiggled his fingers around just because the dog bite him.  That dog never bite anyone after that and lived to be an old dog.

I've always thought that this little story about his name also showed his temper as well.  But some say it shows stupidity more than anything.  At age 3 or 4 though, it was just the opposite.  In his mind, he was defending himself against the dog.  And no...he doesn't do this with animals today.  In fact, he's very gentle with all animals no matter what their size.

Today, he shows his straight both physically and mentally.  When it comes to certain things, he is strong willed and does what is needed.  He is usually very sure of himself and his abilities, whether it's lifting the heavy things around the house for me, or doing things that need doing outside.  Mentally, he remembers even the smallest of details and can figure math in his head as though someone handed him the answer.  And believe me, there is no need to hand him the answer.  I have called him "My walking calculator" for years because of his math abilities.

Young Blood's Indian name is about a man's straight, both physically and mentally.  It's about the warrior in him and the way he preserves life in general.  It's about the man and his abilities to come through for anyone who needs him, no matter what way they may need him.  It is a name of straight and of honor and love.  It is the Indian name of all Indian names...for it can stand for many different things.

To me...he is my blue eyed and loving Indian.
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