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Head Dress

A very ornate Eagle feather headdress of the old style, known as Straight-Up headdress. The feathers are decorated with Horsehair, Weasel skin and strips of quillwork. They were still common during the 1920's.


There are basically two kinds of traditional Blackfoot headdresses, one made with Weasel skins and the other with black and while Eagle feathers. Both styles are considered sacred. Although anyone may make them, they can be worn only by Persons ceremonially initiated. The picture of the headdress at the left is of the style know as the "Straight-Up Headdress". I decided to place this on the web site to inspire any person of the Blackfoot tribes to seek out one of the few remaining Persons who have the rights to perform such ceremonial initiations. These are People who have gone through such an initiation themselves. Only a few of these headdresses remain among the Blackfoot Nation, and most of these are owned by members of the sacred Horns Society among the Bloods. The common Eagle feather headdresses of nowadays were adopted from the Sioux People in the 1890's.

Hair Ornaments

Most Blackfoot hair ornaments were personal Medicines made up from directions given in dreams. Bunches of feathers, strips of fur and round discs of metal and shell were the most common parts. They were tied in all different places on the head or braids. Single Eagle feathers worn in back of the head were popular among tribes other than the Blackfoot. The Old People had many different ways of wearing their long hair, which was an ornament all in itself. An article known as a "atted Hair" was especially popular with school boys and those who had cut their hair short. It was made of human or Buffalo hair, matted and glued together and fastened to a rawhide strip which was decorated. This was worn down the back. Many hair ornaments were fastened to store-bought hats later on.

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