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Craftworker's Introduction

The main purpose of these Web Pages is to encourage craftworkers among the divisions of the Blackfoot Nation to learn the traditional styles of their own People's culture. The articles illustrated here are in the collections of various museums throughout North America. Most of them are not readily accessible to Blackfoot craftworkers. Many of them are stored in dark rooms, surrounded by the smell of mothballs. Museums have only limited display space, and generally select only the finest articles to keep out. These Web Pages, then, is your own personal version of the museum display on the Blackfoot material culture.

In recent years there has been a revival of interest in traditional ways and materials, especially among the younger generations. At tribal dances and pow-wows one can see results of this revival by looking around at the many "old-time-styled-outfits" worn by participants. From conversations people have heard, it looks like this revival will continue to grow in the times ahead. Yet, there are very few craftworkers who know the traditional styles well enough to create them or teach them to others. Particularly lacking among the People, by this time in history, are many examples of old craftwork that might inspire new variations. Such articles have been eagerly bought, for many years now, by museums and private collectors, when they were not lost or buried with their last owners. Makers and users of traditional craftwork will do well if they can discipline themselves not to be tempted into giving up their articles for large sums of money. The articles can provide many lifetimes of pride and pleasure, both for their original owners as well as for those who may inherit them as treasures of their ancestry. The money that these articles bring, when sold, seldom brings more than momentary satisfaction.

This collection of photographs was not begun with the intention of turning into a Web Page. It has served, for me, as a reference source for my husband and myself to learn the traditional craftwork of our Native relations of the Past. This Web Site has been a visual part of our devotion to Blackfoot traditions as our way of family life. It's up to each of you to decide how much of your life you wish to devote to traditions. This Web Site is not meant to advocate a "return to the Old Ways," though it will sure help, if that's what you intend to do.

My intention here is to bring Blackfoot culture to attention and help many peoples learn about them. Plus, it helps me to learn my husband's Native American Heritage. Which I'm enjoying completely. By learning the culture and ways of my husband's tribe, I hope to enrich my life and learn something that few whites can about this culture. But not so that anyone feels upset about what I'm doing with this Web Site.

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