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The Blackfoot Culture

The Blackfoot Culture is by all rights, one the most interesting cultures that we can think of writing about.  In order to write this page or any other information about the Blackfoot Indians of the United States, we've done tons of research and study.  Learning our Heritage and Culture is not something we take lightly and we hope this information helps to enlighten your life with knowledge.

The Blackfoot Nation as a whole are people like no other, and their reservation is located in Montana near Browning.  Though they do not dress as the Indians you see in movies, and the days of old have passed, they remain a proud People of their Heritage and Culture.  In studying our Culture, searching for what is missing in our lives, we have found both accurate and inaccurate information on the Internet.  Our purpose on this web site is to omit the inaccurate and place the truth in its proper prospective.  In so doing, we also hope to teach people about a Culture we love.

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Instead of trying to get everything on this site from the old site, I've decided to place my book report here.  It has the main ideas and offers good information that can be used by all who come to learn and gain knowledge.  Plus, it offers an ending statement page from me that tells how I now feel about the Culture itself.  Which is, in my opinion, a far better way to tell about the Blackfoot Culture; and, I have much more pride in.

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Book Report Introduction
A Book Report by Morning Star

I call my book report "The Blackfoot Civilization".

Before I actually start this report, let me say that the Native Americans of this country are much and get little.  It's been my experience that they are on the losing end...and it's unfair to them.  The more I study the Blackfoot way of life, the more it makes more sense to me than my own culture.  Their way of living isn't really so different from ours, except that they believe differently in some areas and expects of life.  If more wasitchu (whites) would take a good look into the culture, they too could begin to understand the Blackfoot ways.  It is with great joy that I bring into my web site pages this report on the Blackfoot Nation that only inspires me to learn more about a culture I'm learning to love and respect.

Second, I want to thank a very dear Blackfoot man for his patience and understanding of a wasitchu woman (myself) and helping me learn more about the Blackfoot Culture.  Long Standing Bear Chief, I couldn't have done this book report without your book and your understanding, therefore, I thank you my friend for being who you are and for the help you've given me freely and caringly.

In reading the book "Ni-Kso-Ko-Wa Blackfoot Spirituality, Traditions, Values and Beliefs", written by Long Standing Bear Chief, it's come to my attention that I'm in a world of many different cultures that in reality are all a part of each other.  The book talks about the Blackfoot Culture in a way that everyone can understand.  While reading, I was excited to find out many things that I have learned are and will always be a huge part of these people.  Their way of life in the past and towards the future are here to stay, as well they should be.

The Blackfoot Indians of the United States are a good people in their way of life and always have been.  It's the wasitchu (whites) who have taken from them everything they once knew and loved.  I commend the Blackfoot people as a whole for all their efforts in their getting the truth out there for people to learn.  Long Standing Bear Chief did an excellent job of writing the book on which I report on these pages.  And I believe that more Native Americans need to do the same.  For in writing, they preserve their cultures to teach their children and the world about a culture that should never be allowed to die.

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