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A Book Report by Morning Star

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Morning Star's Ending Statement

Throughout this book report, I have been considering my ending statement.  It's not one that people might expect to read, but it is how I feel and preserve my husband's culture.  I do not and will never take my studies of the Blackfoot Culture lightly.  I'm a serious person about learning and have always been.  I view things much differently from most other white people because of the things I have learned and continue to learn.  I am not just a curious person here gawking and taking notes out of disrespect.  I do this not only for my own knowledge and gain, but to help teach others what I am learning.  For so many centuries, people have misunderstood cultures that differ from their own.  And therefore, fearing what they do not understand.  I refuse to be one of those people.  I want to learn, so that I might understand.  With knowledge, comes understanding...and with understanding, comes respect.  These three things coincide with each other from the being of time.

In all my life, I have never been so ashamed of what our so-called Government has done.  Whether the Indian is Blackfoot or whatever tribe, they have always tried to keep him beat down in one form or another.  This is WRONG!!!!  I once thought that if I came across an Indian, they would sooner kill me as look at me.  And this is simply not true.  In my history books as a child, they told of simply awful stories about Indians killing white's just to kill.  This also is a lie.  And for each lie the white's have told me, the more I seek the truth.  My husband once told me that if it weren't for the Indian Nations, the white's couldn't have survived in this land.  Now I'm beginning to understand the why's and how's behind it all.  Yet, I have only just begun my quest for knowledge and truth.

I met Long Standing Bear Chief through emailing him from his site for help with learning the Blackfoot culture better.  I was stubborn at first, and didn't listen so well.  Til one day I came upon a site that undermined everything I seemed to have on this site.  I was frustrated, confused and plan out right angry about the lies that I had published and wanted the truth.  I thought at first that he was gonna ignore my plea for help, and even considered taking the site down all together.  This time when he answered my email, I did everything I could to change my attitude and succeeded.  I had too, it was a matter of learning.  He helped me to strengthen out the lies and incorrect terms.  He helped in ways that I dearly appreciate and respect.  When I asked Long Standing Bear Chief for more learning, he suggested I purchase his book called:



Spirituality, Traditions

Values and Beliefs"

And, I am never going to be sorry for doing so.  It helped me to understand the concepts of Indian life much better than I ever expected.  Did it cure my thirst for more knowledge about the Blackfoot tribe?  NO, not by any means.  I thirst even more now than before.  For the knowledge I have now is worth more to me than all the money in the world could ever give me.  It isn't always what a person was that is important, but what that person has learned.  And to me, learning is worth more than gold or money any day.  I'll never write a book about the Blackfoot Indians...for my knowledge will never be good enough to do such a thing.  But what I will do, is share it for free with other people so that they might learn what I have.

I believe that there are ways to share without making money from that sharing.  I'm not out to gain knowledge and then sell it.  To do this would be WRONG when it was freely given to me.  Yes, I purchased Long Standing Bear Chief's book, but that to me is much different.  It is his right, where it isn't mine.  I respect this and will not violate that right given to only the Blackfoot people by the Creator.  But if I can help just one person, child or adult, then my goal is a success.  For all people should have access to the truth and knowledge that our school's do not teach.

Morning Star's Beliefs

I use to believe that Indians did not believe in God.  That has all changed.  I now believe that their beliefs are better then my own and have looked even deeper within my own heart for more truths.  Truths that only the Creator can give me.  I've been calling things differently for some time, but now, after reading this book, my beliefs have taken a complete turn around to what I was ever taught as a child or adult.  You see, the Indian beliefs really aren't so different from our own, and I've gotten to know my heart much better then ever before.  Sure, it's not always so cut and dyed...but what I see now in me is something my Mother was starting to see in me a long time ago.  And for every time I found a new piece to my puzzle, she sew more changes in me.  She's been gone now for several years, yet she sew different things in me back then that I couldn't explain and wouldn't even try too.  My marriage to my husband started this ball rolling several years ago, and it's been a slow process, but I'm finding that calling faster these days.  After reading Long Standing Bear Chief's book....those beliefs are stronger than ever before.

I haven't called God God for some years now...and I find myself being told I'm wrong for believing the Indian way by some who just don't understand.  I prefer to call Him the Great Spirit, Creator, Great Holy Being, etc.  Not out of disrespect, but just the opposite.  He is our Creator, the Great Holy Being....I'm not being disrespectful in any way, shape or form.  I suppose this is partly the reason some of my own kind have called me a trader.  But I don't really care, for it is I who has to be happy with what and who I am, not them.  And I find myself wishing more people would open their hearts and minds to learning things that are different.  Different isn't a so called "BAD" fact, it's a very "GOOD" thing.  For my life has improved greatly for it.

Morning Star's Soul

Has my change in attitude, beliefs and knowledge change my soul?  NO!!!!  If anything, it has improved everything about me.  It is my belief now, that it doesn't matter how a person believes in the Creator, so long as they do believe.  So I've chosen a different way and path then most of the other whites.  What difference does it make to our Creator as long as we do like He would want us too.  Learning a different culture and life style than the one I grew up with is the best thing that's ever happened to me.  My soul is going to be with our Creator when my body is no longer living, but now my faith is stronger and better then ever before.  There are some things of my white teachings that will never leave me, but the Indian teachings have enhanced those beliefs to a height that is unbelievable to most.  Things make more sense to me now, both in my white world and my Indian world.  This book has enlightened my heart and soul to a point that not much gets to me anymore.

You see, it use to bother me that my sister didn't like my husband.  Now, I look at this and say, "That's ok, I can still love her."  I don't have the ill feelings towards her anymore for not liking my husband for being who he is and what he is, I've learned to look beyond it all and find the good in both my husband and my sister.  In my soul, my life is better for my learning and the changes are good.

What Morning Star has Learned

I've learned not only that the Blackfoot culture is a thing of beauty, but it's about the people themselves.  They've been here long before the white man came and will be here no matter what the whites do to stop it.  I've learned that there are different ways to do things than my own.  I've learned that attitudes and opinions can and will change if one gives new ideas a chance.  I've learned that they are, above all, people like myself, and that they have feelings just as I do.  I've learned that it doesn't matter what their beliefs are or that their culture is so much different from my own.  It's not going to change the way things are maybe, but I know in my heart that they deserve to be respected and loved just as any other human being.  Above all, they are people and they are the Creators people, just as I am.

I've also learn a valuable lesson that will stick with me so long as I live.  There is no such thing as dishonor among people, so long as one respects others.  Respect can be shown in many different forms, and in each form comes a knowledge that cannot be replaced.  I've held a high respect for others, but the respect has been enhanced by reading this book.  Most people fear the unknown, and in that fear, they try to destroy what they do not understand.  And this shouldn't be happening to any peoples, no matter what their race or creed.  Life is more than our own culture, it's a mixture of cultures throughout the world that make up a beautiful universe, a beautiful Mother Earth and a beautiful life.  And I've learned that all this is combined with what the Creator loves.  He made us all, whether we are White people, Indian people, Black people or whatever our color.  We are all part of each other and should treat each other with more respect than we do.

If I could do anything after reading this book, it would be my white ancestors attitudes and beliefs about all the Native Americans.  They are good people.  They are loving people.  And they want to be treated as such, with love and respect.  Have you ever heard the term, "That stupid Indian!"  Well, I have.  And this is disrespect in every sense of the word.  Indians are not stupid, but very intelligent people.  I'd like to change this term for all my fellow whites to read, "Indians are very intelligent people, who have everything going for them."  My learning has changed my attitude because I want it to change.  That's why I wanted to learn in the first place, to be able to say that there is good in all cultures.  But for people to be able to say and feel this way, they have to be willing to learn.  So this is what they call being a trader to my own race...OH WELL...that's life when the heart, mind and soul begin to learn the truth.

Morning Star's Future

It has come to my attention that my focus in life has also change.  How? you ask.  Well, this is through learning.  You see, by learning more about the Blackfoot Culture, I've been able to focus better on life's meaning to me.  And it's not about the computer I own, or the car I drive.  It's not about anything I have in my possession and call mine.  It's about sharing knowledge, learning to live right and being right with oneself and with others.  It's about preserving life as the Creator wants life to be for me and the people around me.  It's about doing the right things to preserve nature and Mother Earth.

In Long Standing Bear Chief's book, there are a total of 68 pages of wonderful learning.  It teaches mainly the basics, but those basics are meaningful to me and my future as a human being.  My learning is by no means over, and that gives me a purpose to focus on and look forward too.  I'm learning because I'm interested, and because I love the man I married.  When I'm studying the Blackfoot Culture, I see my husband's eyes shine with delight.  He doesn't say there is to much and I can never do it.  He doesn't tell me I can't, and he'll explain what I read to the best of his abilities.  However, there is much he can't remember about what his Father taught him.  So I'm doing everything I can to learn.  Books....other people like Long Standing Bear Chief, and anything else that I can get my little hands on to learn.  Unfortunately, not all the things I've gotten is the truth.  Which has made it rather confusing at times to say the least, but I refuse to give up my quest for learning and knowledge.  I focus on a life that is better for knowing the truth to both sides of the fence.  I focus on learning the true meaning of my life and the life I hope to live til the day I die.  And I see that true meaning of life through my learning the Blackfoot Culture.  It's taught me so much, yet, there is still much to learn.

Life and Focusing on a Better Way

There are things in this world that make nothing clear.  Then, there are things that make most things clear.  But the Blackfoot way of life has taught me to focus on the things that can be changed within myself and not worry about the rest so much.  You see, there are things we can change, and things we cannot change.  Peoples opinions can be changed, but only if they want to change them.  With this in mind, I do a Native American Web Site for the good of sharing what I learn with others.  This is my calling in life.  Sure, there are those people who I will never reach and will never accept the truths I've learned.  But that isn't going to stop me from sharing.  Life's focuses are different for me now more so than ever before, and that to me is a good change.  The poetry I write, I hope, shows this change.  I now focus on life as though I'm just a small part of it, which I am.  It takes a community to raise a child, and the people in that community to teach the meaning of life to that child.  I look at myself as a child right now, learning from the people who love me.  And in those people is a beauty that can be seen and felt.

Focus is not just about doing everyday chores around the house, or working on web paging to teach others.  Focus is about everything around me and the world in which I live.  This web site isn't about me, it's about a people I focus on learning about.  It's about their culture, not mine.  It's about sharing knowledge and focusing on learning something that is interesting to me in order to share with others.  Yes, I'm in love with the cause I've chosen for myself.  Yes, I'm in love with the culture itself.  And yes, I'd go through everything again to learn.  My focus for this site and my life is to learn about the Blackfoot Culture out of a love that started the day I married my husband, and I wouldn't change a thing.

I have another dear person who influenced my learning, but I've never met her in person.  Nor have I met Long Standing Bear Chief in person.  But if I ever have the change, I would do so in a heart beat.  This other person I speak of, she is a wonderful and loving human being.  When things look down, she'll lift me up and get me to look at the good in life.  She no longer has to do this, for learning has changed my heart that much.  This book, this wonderful learning tool, has helped me to focus on the good for others.  It's taught valuable lessons that I couldn't find anywhere else.  And I wouldn't exchange that for all the money in the world.

How All of this Makes Morning Star Feel

Learning from this book has made me feel life as an individual, and as an individual, I found myself and the things I like not so different from the Blackfoot people.  I like being respected, so do the Blackfoot people.  I like life and living, so do the Blackfoot people.  I like dancing, so do the Blackfoot people.  Put it all together and I am making progress.  Why?  Because I'm beginning to understand that it takes many people to make a world.  Because I'm beginning to learn that it takes different cultures to make the people.  And it takes everything in the world to live the life our Creator wants us to live.  It's a wonderful feeling to know just why you do what you do.

I've been told that my goals aren't possible to obtain...that I'm barking up the wrong tree...that I can't make a difference with helping others learn through my web site.  Well...they were wrong.  I've helped many child and adults learn.  I've gotten good results and I will continue to do my best.  It's something that is important to me.  As my husband and a good friend has told me, "Never say never, for never is a long time."  Another I hear from my husband a lot is, "There no such thing as can't, and you better."  Both sayings are very true.  For the more I study and read and do...the more I can do.  And this is something else this book teaches me.  Only it doesn't come right out and say it in so many words.  Never say never, well, I think this speaks pretty much for itself, but I'll explain it anyway.  I was going around saying, "I'll never accomplish my goal for the Native American Site."  That set both my husband and our friend off with the lecture of my life.  I learned right then and there, never is a long time.  Well, some six months later and my site is doing just what I said it would never do.  So see, there is no such thing as never to me anymore.  Life is a funny thing, just when you think you can't do something, it shows you just how wrong you are and teaches you more lessons.

How I feel about it all is this, I can't learn it all maybe, but I'm certainly going to try.  And with the learning, I'll understand more as I go.  And this is a huge goal and focus for me.  The learning.  May I say at this point, that I do not truly understand how the Indians feel.  But I do have a better idea of how they feel.  I may gain knowledge and understand though by learning all that I can.  I believe it's not what one is inside that counts, it's the way one feels inside that counts.  If you feel right about the things you do for others and yourself...then you are right with the Creator.  For it is the Creator one must answer to, not a human being.

In short, this book has influenced how I live my life all the way around.  It's given me focus, understanding, love for a different culture, knowledge that makes sense and soooo much more.  It has changed my feelings, my beliefs, my soul and everything else about me.

Morning Star's Vow

I vow to uphold my knowledge and teachings of the Blackfoot tribe.  To do my best to respect their culture and way of life.  To never forget those who have helped me along my way in learning, and to always give thanks to the Creator for all things.

I vow to always give thanks to the animal that gives up its life that I may live.  To respect the animals and plants of Mother Earth and to love all things on her.

I vow to always help others learn as I have, and to give guidance where possible.  To respect and honor my being a woman that young children may also learn from me.

I vow to be the best that I can be for the sack of others.  To give what is given to me.  And I vow to always listen to mentors who teach good things.

Special Thanks

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Long Standing Bear Chief for writing a book that teaches much more than his culture.  It is a blessing from the Creator and he uses it well.  I hope that our Creator blesses him well for his affords in teaching others the truth.  Your book has been a huge blessing to me with the things it teaches.  Thank you Long Standing Bear Chief!!!

Note:  Parts of this report was taken from Long Standing Bear Chief's book word for word, but are not marked as quoted material.  Other parts are marked as quoted.  What is in this book report, is to help others learn and know the true, and is not to be copied for any reason without prior permission.

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