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Siksika Nation Coat Of Arms

The Siksika Nation

Siksika Nation Coat Of Arms

The Siksika Nation Coat Of Arms as depicted on this page was designed as a result of the Treaty 7 signing in 1877. The items on the Coat Of Arms reflect the Siksika at the time of the signing of the treaty.   


The buffalo represents the heart and soul of our people, always central to our way of life, thus, central on the shield. The buffalo provided our food, shelter, tools, clothing, sinew, etc.

Segmented Arrow

The segmented arrow represents the seven principle Siksika societies in extant at the time of the treaty signing. Although there are (were) many societies, the seven principle societies were the Horn, Crazy Dog, Bee, Black shirts, Buffalo Woman, Bear, and Mutsix societies.

Tomahawk & Pipe

The pipe and tomahawk is a symbolic representation of the signing of Treaty 7. Here it is depicted with a Tomahawk overlaid by a Peace Pipe.

Two Feathers

The two feathers on the Coat-Of-Arms represents the Siksika before and after the signing of Treaty 7. The feather on the left is representative of the Siksika people before the treaty - in honor of our old ways and our ancestors. The feather on the right is representative of the new generation of our people and those yet to come.

Primary Colors

The three primary colors on the Siksika Nation Coat-Of-Arms, though a little difficult to see here, are yellow, blue and green. They are representative of the promise of peace as outlined in Treaty 7 - "?we will keep the peace for as long as the sun shines (yellow), the grass grows (green), and the river flows (blue)?".

Coat-of-Arms designed by Mark Wolfleg Jr. - Siksika Nation
Siksika Coat-of-Arms, copyright of Siksika Nation

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