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History of the Horse
and the Chase

Long ago in the Dog Days when the buffalo jumps were used to hunt the buffalo, two young braves packing their rawhide ropes were standing on top of a hill.   They noticed two animals in the distance, running towards them.  As they were coming closer one of the braves said to the other, "Them are elks".  His companion replied, "No, they are dogs".  When these animals were right up close, they discovered that they were horses.   


These two young braves decided to name these animals "elk dog" (Ponookamita, the Blackfoot name for the horse).  They found out that they were tame and they managed to catch them and brought them back to camp.  In the days that followed they were used for riding while hunting the buffalo.   They were used to haul the tipis and their belongings using a travois.  These two 'elk dogs' were both mares and in the years to follow increased to a little band of ponookamita (horses).

That was the beginning of the end of the Dog Days and the use of the buffalo jumps.

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