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This web site is a tribute and is dedicated to the Blackfoot Tribes and their culture.
We invite all who come to stay, read and enjoy.

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Due to the time of year and feeling a need to something for our children of the world, here is a link to Santa Claus. (Once Christmas has passed, this link will be moved to our links page.)

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Oki Ni-kso-ko-wa: (Hello, greetings my relative):

We are not a member of the ancient line of Blackfoot people going back before time. But We are here to represent them and their traditional believers in their ancient ways that were given to them by iits-tsi-pah-ta-pii-op - the Source of Life. We are not a member of any other organization or political party. We do not espouse any "ism" and have pledged my life to live by their old ways and beliefs. We, however, alive in the modern age and we use the technology of the present era to educate relatives, friends and ourselves along with the world. Welcome to our web site. We invite you to come back often. We have many interesting educational, and, spiritual gifts to offer you and your family. Please explore our web site.

The Purpose for this Web Site

I learned through time and experience that my Indian name came from my husband seeing the east star, that shines ever so bright in the eastern sky just before the sun rises.  Comparing the star to how he felt inside about me as I slept; played a huge roll in my Indian name.

The real factor in my Indian name though is the star itself.  Just before dawn, the star is at its brightest, and will shine until the sun over powers it.  Therefore, he awoke before dawn and was watching me as I slept.  And at some point, happened to look up into the eastern sky.  Seeing the east star he decided that it described exactly how he felt in his heart about me.  Therefore, when I awoke, he said my Indian name to make it official.

In naming me, Young Blood was also declaring his love for me, and let me know that I am his world, even though I had no clue what it meant or symbolized back then.  Today however, I realize that it's a name of great love, respect and honor.  I also realize, that in giving me the name Morning Star, comes a great responsibility to always uphold the Indian Culture and Traditions as an individual person.  To respect the Indian way of life and teach my fellow human begins the truth to the best of my abilities.

With all of this in mind, the purpose of this web site is to enlighten peoples minds about the Blackfoot Indians as a people.  I've put together what I call "Lessons of Life", and it contains topics to learn by anyone who wishes to know the truth.

Just to mention a few, the topics within this web site are:

  • History of the Blackfoot

  • Blackfoot Culture

  • Blackfoot Crafts

There is also an entertaining side to this web site which holds poetry and a few other things.

This web site is done as a tribute to, and in honor of the Blackfoot Tribe and my husband.  And it's meant to educate the people who visit it, as well as entertain.

Please feel free to stay, visit and read the information provided within our web site and enjoy.  Thank you for coming, and may the wind always be at your back.

To read the story about our Indian names, click on "Morning Star's Indian Name" or "Young Blood's Indian Name" in the menu to the left under "Site Information", and then click on "Web Site Owners Information".  The stories about our names are there.

We received an email from a young woman once asking our help and wanting us to help her pick a Native American name for her.  We offered what we could with and answered her questions to the best of our knowledge.  Then we helped her to choose the name she felt she could live with.  There should have actually been a naming ceremony, but we had no way of doing that with her.  So we did what we could through email and she in turn, sent us this lovely poem.  We published here for everyone to see.  To read Little Dove's poem to us. VIEW IT HERE!  (Opens in a popup window.)

NovaSite! by AwardSites!

I'm a proud and delighted acheiver at NovaSite! at AwardSites!. They did an article on my website on 10/4/06 during a difficult time in my life. I'm pleased to say that things have improved since then.

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