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8/5/2004 - Added background to middle frame for all pages and an up arrow for going to the top of the page.  Also added border around middle frame for ease of viewing.  Edited some of the misspellings and still working at finding more.  Created new title image to work at 800 x 600 screen resolution without a scroll bar at bottom of the frames.  Then re-worked frames to fit in same size screen resolution.

8/6/2004 - Edited poetry page formats and secured links to each poetry section by years.  Also, I attempted to correct many grammar errors in the Book Report on my Ending Statement page.  It still may not be prefect, but it has been corrected to some degree.  Only the grammar and spelling errors were changed.  All other aspects of the Book Report and its Ending Statement remain the same.

8/7/2004 - Message Board removed.  Reason: for lack of interest.  Also, went back to using a free GuestBook for viewers to sign.  Makes much less work for myself.  Plus, I added a section for the GuestBook Archives so that everyone can view the entries from the past.  Also added four (4) poems to the poetry section under the year 2004.

8/8/2004 - Fixed a few problems involving image display on some pages and created a second page for viewing the tipi construction page in its full size.

8/13/2004 - Fixed corrupted links on awards won pages and checked links for accuracy.  Then updated accordingly.

9/10/2004 - Revamped an old Awards Program and placed it back on the web site today.

9/13/2004 - Fixed the frames pages so that they are of equal portions.

10/19/2004 - Add a page to the Section about us that tells how we met.

12/11/2004 - Re-instated the free GuestBook from Guestbook Central today.  I also added a new section today with photos of Chiefs from many years ago.

1/11/2004 - This site is not certified as family and child safe.  It is a proud day indeed for us as we continue to teach others about the Blackfoot Culture from our site.

2/6/2005 to 2/12/2005 - Changed the coding for the background images, presentation of awards won, and removed the Native American Midi from the main page.  All sections open in the same window, but have their own titles.  Each of the sections pertaining to the Blackfoot Culture match in color and design.  The poetry, recipes and web site awards program sections have been changed in color to distinguish them from the rest of the site.  Pages such as the privacy and copyright statements, disclaimer and another pages pertaining to information with these types of page remain the same at they were before the revamping.  The about section of the site also opens in the same window, yet is a separate section for convenience to the visitor and ourselves.  The awards won page open as the privacy and copyright statement pages, and have been completely revamped for better usage of the pages.  The awards won will open in a popup window.  As everyone can see.  I changed the entrance page to our web site.  It now allows a visitor to enter the site by clicking on the middle image.

6/29/2005 - Moved the poetry section to its own site.  Please visit it at:  Morning Star's Book of Poetry  We decided that the poetry section deserved a place of it's own due to the fact that this is a teaching web site and we wish to have it for that purpose only.

8/2/2005 to 8/8/2005 - Re-designed the entire web site to make it easier to navigate and to fix a scroll bar problem at the bottom on some pages.  We added a couple of popup windows to show a buffalo nickel and signature in the photos section.  The other popup window is for a poem that a young lady wrote for us in honor of our helping her.  The navigation is all at the bottom of each page now...and the site map was adjusted to show all of the most important pages (excluding popup windows for the Photos section, the poem from Little Dove and the Award Won pages).  Also removed the Awards Program from the site completely...we feel that it has no place on our teaching site.

2/13/06 - Update entire web site today.

3/2/06 - Added an awards program and update entire web site today.  Also had this web site re-labeled with the new ICRA standards.

4/30/06 - Took full control of my GuestBook by creating my own version on one, with a form that is send directly to me. I review the entries and decide whether or not they are suitable for posting. This gives me full control of the GuestBook and its entries.

5/6/06 - I'm proud to announce that there has been a Blackfoot Language section added to this website today, which includes the English words and Blackfoot words with sound files so that people may hear the pronunciation in the Blackfoot Language.  Many thanks goes to my friend and website host, Chuck for allowing me to use the files to create this section.  Also added a Quilt Link page today.

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