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  1. We're still doing research on many of the subjects on this site. So please do not e-mail us with questions. We can't provide the answers with 100% certainty.

  2. Do not email us asking us to teach you how to be an Indian. This is something that cannot be taught. We will not be held responsible for giving lessons to anyone, young, old or in between.

  3. We have created most of the graphics on this site, and they are not for sale. Please DO NOT STEAL my images!!!!!

  4. Any and All Native American Cooking Recipes are not given out under any circumstances. These are private to the tribe and to us as a couple. Therefore, any requests for Recipes or information on Native American Cooking will not be given out.

  5. Graphics from these pages MAY NOT be included in, or offered from, any collection or other graphics sites, either online or in any other type of media. And they are not to be used as e-mail decorations, please.

*Special Notice*

Effective March 1, 2003:   We need time to devote to our research and studies of the Blackfoot Culture...therefore...We will not be replying to anyone who signs our GuestBook.  To many people sign each day for us to be able to answer them all.  We do not have the time to reply to questions any longer and therefore will not reply.  If you have questions regarding the Blackfoot Tribe or other issues on the web site...please use the Contact Page link provided on the menu to the left.  Thank you.


Credits Given

We'd like to take this opportunity to give credit where credit is due.  So that everyone knows that we didn't just come out of the blue with all this information on this site, and that we had plenty of help along the way.  This page is to accredited those who have helped us in one form or another as we studied and will continue to study the Culture of our Peoples.

First and foremost, we'd like to thank Long Standing Bear Chief for everything he's done to make our studies easier and fun.  If it were not for him, we might not have gotten a lot of the information that is on this site.  He has been a huge blessing and we dearly appreciate his affords in helping us.

Second, we'd like to thank Bill Heilig for having the patience to teach Morning Star the proper way to create web pages, and continuing to give her advice whenever needed.  He did what others gave up on with her.  If it were not for him, Morning Star might have still been struggling to learn web paging.  Thank you dear friend and Brother, you have our utmost respect and love.

Third, we'd like to thank Chuck Pliske for allowing us to be hosted on his free site server.  He is a dear person and friend to let us do this with absolutely no ads of any kind to hassle our visitors.  Thank you Chuck for your kindness and the honor of being here.

Forth, we'd like to thank our visitors for making this site as popular as it is and continues to get.  You have been a huge part in our reasons for creating this site for everyone, including ourselves, to learn and grow with.  Our site has done well because you want to learn and grow with us as we learn our Culture.  Thank you, our visitors, for helping us to make this site a success.  We truly appreciate you coming to visit us.

Fifth, but not least, we'd like to thank all those family members and friends who tell others about our site in an effort to help it grow and prosper.  You have no idea just how much we appreciate your help, understanding and love for us.  You are dear to our hearts and we appreciate you greatly.

Thank you Trefor D. Roberts, for allowing us to use these wonderful photos as a grand addition to our Native American web site.  We are proud to be using them.  You may visit Trefor D. Roberts web site at:  Trefor's Home on the Web

The Blackfoot Language is courtesy of the man who allows me to have this website on his server for all to be able to view and enjoy it.  Chuck is one special person in many ways, as well as a good friend to the Blackfoot peoples as a whole.  Thank you Chuck for allowing me to use this valuable information for this website to share with my viewers.

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