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The People Declare

Blackfoot Nation


(The Real People Declare) Let it be known that we Niitsitapii hereby declare the following:

The recognition of our Exclusivity of Title to the lands of the traditional Niitsitapii territory (the North Saskatchewan River in the North, and, South to the Yellowstone River, and, in the West from the Continental Divide and East to the Touch Wood Hills); the land which we call Niitsitpiis-stahkoii.

Our Right of Primacy to the land and all its resources.

Our stewardship to the said territory (Niitsitapis-stahkoii) which includes the right of access and management to all its natural resources to the said lands, according to what is right for Niitsitapii.

Further, we declare to the Kingdom of Great Britain and its commonwealth countries; Canada, its provinces; the United States of America and its states; and the United Nations that our sovereignty has existed since time immemorial.

We declare null and void the Doctrine of Discovery and all other paternalistic and colonialist Proclamations, Treaties, Acts, and Regulations pertaining to Niitsitapii and Stah-koomi-tapii-akii.

Therefore, we Niitsitapii do hereby recognize that Stah-koomi-tapi-akii and Niitstitapii are one, from which our Governance is derived.

Let it be known, that we the undersigned swear our allegiance to this Declaration and its Principals, which uphold all rights and privileges for which it stands. As Niitsitapii we accept as our duty and responsibility, the right to maintain our dignity as a self-sustaining People, for ourselves and the purposes and the purposes of our future generations:

We are the children of the Great Holy Being, iit-tsi-pah-tah-pii-op (The Source of Life) and we gather together of our own free will because the Creator made us to be free and to live in harmony.

We call together those who have been members of our alliance {Blackfoot Confederacy} in the ancient past. We call you home to be our relatives in the shinning light of knowledge and the love of our Creator. Once again, we shall live by our sacred vows, spirituality, traditions, and beliefs. We have created a great and powerful nation based upon respect and honor for all beings of Stah-koomi-tapii-akii (Mother Earth) and beyond.

Among the many purposes of our coming together are these:


We join together to freely associate with all people in honor and respect.


We gather together to help each other in good times and hard times.


We seek our rightful share of Stah-koomi-tapii-akii, Mother Earth's resources and to correct the greed that has denied us this right.


We seek to correct those political, religious, economic, social and other policies of those who have sought to enslave us. We call upon all people to stop their genocidal pursuits that seek to kill us and destroy our cultures and we ask them to finally give honor to their holy books.


We come together, each of us, to offer our skills, knowledge, resources, and whatever abilities we possess to put them to work in the communities of our people so we may live together and raise healthy families as iit-tsi-pah-tah-pii-op intended.


We come together because we reject the dogma of mankind, which enslaves the human mind and spirit. We reject any and all things that cause mankind to fight, kill and be unhappy through the self-imposed death of their being.

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