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This is just something I thought would be nice for my viewers.  What it requires is simple and will give other webmasters a chance to advertise their website here, for all the world to see.  If you would like to add your image to the ones below, here is what you need to do:

  1. Create an image to represent your website that is 116 x 116 pixels, in gif format and no more than 12 KB.

  2. Then email me using the link directly below these instructions to ask nicely for your image to be uploaded and linked to your website.

  3. I will review the website before it is added to this page for family safeness.

  4. If I feel that your website family safe, I'll notify you of the quilt image and link being added to this page.

  5. If I feel that your website is not family safe, you will not receive notification.

  6. If your website is accepted for this page, I do expect a link to this website in return, and I will send my image and linking information to you with your notification of acceptance.  Please be sure to send the image as an attachment, not embedded in the email itself.

  7. Once you have received my image and have linked back to my website, notify me that it is ready for my review and I will review it as soon as possible for the final approval.

Send Quilt Image and Request


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