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The Blackfoot Stories are a way by which the tribe and its people hand down their Culture and Beliefs through the generations.  They are stories of truth and honor, but as true as the day is long to us.  Many stories are to teach and help their people know who they are, as well to education their youth.  These stories have also taught us as adults to know our Heritage better.  We feel that they are important stories and will help people understand the Blackfoot Indian Nation better.

The stories in this section are for helping others understand our culture and people, therefore, teaching visitors to our web site the ancient Blackfoot Culture.  We invite you to use the menu to the left or right of your screen to read each story and enjoy the wonders of our way of teaching our children.  And we hope that you enjoy them as much as our children.

Many people have come to our site for learning and understanding of our beautiful Culture.  And we do our best to help them do just that.  It is a way of life that is not to be forgotten, but remembered by our people to teach others.  This section is meant as a tribute to the ancient way of life of the Blackfoot Nation.  Therefore, if you wish to use these stories as a teaching method, please do not copy them without our prior permission.  All who come to read and learn are welcome to do so and we wish you the best.

Thank you so much for your interest in learning our Culture and Way of Life.

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[ Introduction | Deeds and Prophecies of Old Man ]
[ How the Blackfoot got the Buffalo Jump ]
[ How a Piegan Warrior Found the First Horses ]
[ The Creation | The Story of the Buffalo Dance ]
[ The Piqued Buffalo-Wife | The Wise Man of Chief Mountain ]
[ The Wematekan's are Earth Spirits ]
[ Water Spirit's Gift of Horses | A Hunting Trip ]
[ Coyote and the Rolling Rock | Sacred Otter ]
[ Origin of the Sweat Lodge | The Story of Two Brothers ]
[ Women Who Married Star Husbands ]
[ How the Worm Pipe Came to the Blackfoot ]

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